Sports Premium Funding
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Sports Premium Funding

Ss Peter’s & Paul’s Catholic Academies:

Information to show the Impact the Primary PE Funding is having on:

1. Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Academies are two of 20 local First/Middle Schools that have pooled all Primary PE Funding to maintain the Blyth & Bedlington School Sport Programme. A service level agreement has been established across not just the Primary sector but also the Secondary schools that the pupils feed into which helps with transition at KS2/3

2. This allows all schools:
• Access to a dedicated specialist PE teacher on a weekly basis. These teachers have a family of schools they work with, so a relationship is built up between the school, staff and pupils allowing for more effective teaching.
• Access to a competition/festival programme of 20 events for pupils in KS1&2 including dance & gymnastics. This is published at the end of the summer term so schools can plan well in advance.
• Working in partnership with other local schools has allowed for the best use of funding as equipment can be shared and facility hire/transport costs have been negotiated a much lower rate. Demonstrates best use of funding.
• Access to an extra-curricular programme of 20 weeks delivery provide by the local sports development unit at a specially negotiated rate. All coaches are ‘quality assured’ and have appropriate qualifications and clearances. They are all line managed by one person and feedback data is requested at the end of each delivery block.
• Access to local CPD opportunities
• A 6 week curriculum delivery block of the FA Soccer Skills programme
• A single conduit for all external agencies to work through to gain access to schools e.g. FA/Soccer Skills programme and Judo programmes etc

3. The PE funding has allowed all year groups to access High Quality PE on a weekly basis.
• SSP teacher works alongside a member of the teaching staff, in curriculum time, with pupils from all year groups on a weekly basis using our equipment bank
• Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Academies staff receive weekly CPD by working alongside SSP teacher. All staff gain access to this throughout the year on a rotational ½ term delivery basis.
• This has allowed for a greater range of activities to be taught across KS1&2 e.g. Tag Rugby, athletics, tennis, speed agility & quickness work, multi-skill & physical literacy, where we have provided the equipment to save costs to the school.
• Extra-curricular clubs have been in alternative sports e.g. Street dance, Ultimate Frisbee.

4. Competition entries 2011- 2015

The figures below show the number of competitions entered and the number of pupil places accessed by Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Academiesover the academic years 2011- 2015.
The figures highlight the impact that the Primary PE Funding has had in this area:

2011 – 2012: 2 competitions entered
30 competition places accessed   15 Boys 15 Girls

 2012 – 2013:   2 competitions entered   15 Boys 15 Girls
30 competition places accessed

 2013 – 2014: 3 competitions entered
   50 competition places accessed   25 Boys 25 Girls
 2014 – 2015: 6 competitions entered
   110 competition places accessed 55 Boys 55 Girls 

 2015 -2016:  4 competitions entered  45 Boys  45 Girls
 (Up to Jan 31st) 90 competition places accessed up to January 31st.    
In the period 2011 – 2015 this shows:
 300% increase in the number of competitions entered by the school prior to 2013
 220% increase in the number of pupil places accessed at competitions since 2013-14.

5. Staff professional development:
• In the year prior to the programme starting 0 staff attended external CPD courses.
• In the period 2012 - 2015, 7 staff places where accessed on 5 different external Physical Education CPD courses

This is additional to the weekly CPD that staff receive in school whilst working alongside SSP teacher

The school is reporting that the high quality PE/competition is impacting on the confidence and self-esteem of pupils as well as having a positive effect on attendance and classroom work.

The quality of the performance of the children from Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Academies has risen over the past 2 years.
Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Academies have qualified for 2 years running at our level 2 School Games Mini tennis competition and have gone on to represent us at both the year 3 and year 4 county finals.

Since the introduction of the Primary PE & School Sport grant, Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Academies has remained an active partner within the Blyth & Bedlington School Sport Programme and accesses all events they feel their pupils will benefit from.

Paul Woodall
Sports Programme manager